United Kingdom

NAS committee

  Organization   Name   Occupation
  National Autistic Society   Aimee Chou   Projects Manager
  National Autistic Society   Lucy Skye   Trainer Consultant
  National Autistic Society   Catriona Moore   Policy and Parliamentary Officer
  National Autistic Society   Emily Swaitek   Trainer Consultant, Employment
  National Autistic Society   Claire Cloutman   Marketing
  National Autistic Society   Mat Swindells   Network Autism Manager
  National Autistic Society   Rachel Babbidge   Transition Support
  National Autistic Society   Kate Spink   Head of Business Development
  National Autistic Society   Ester Vickers   Business Development Manager


FTF committee

  Name   Occupation
  FUND PERE TARRES   Raquel Dolado   Psychologist and Technician in ASD
  UNIV COMPLUTENSE MADRID   David Alonso   Head of International Relations and     Innovation of Social Work Faculty
  UNED (National University of Distance Education)   Marta Ruiz   Teacher of Education Faculty
  ANCCP (National Association of Professional  Certification       Centers)   Ana Lopez-Cancio   President
  FUNDACION FRIENDS   Jose Llorca   Expert in ASD
  AUTISMO ESPAÑA   Ruth Vidriales
  CONACEE (Spanish National Confederation of  Sheltered       Employment)   Mar Barbero   Manager


  Organization   Name   Occupation
  CRA NPdc   Olivier MASSON   Director GCSMS CRA
  CRA NPdc   Rémi DESPREZ   Μanager
  L’ASS des AS   Géraldine Roelandt   Intern manager at the CRA
  L’ASS des AS   Cécile BOUCHE   President of association
  APAJH   Hervé BONNIN   Director
  Passport Europe   Marie Claude ESCULIER   Coordinator/Partner TRAIL
  APAJH38   Odile SERRES   Manager/Partner TRAIL
  APAJH38   Christophe Schildknecht   Director/Partner TRAIL
  CHRU LILLE   Géraldine Kechid   Psychiatre CHRU Lille et CRA
  SAMO Dunkerque   Eric GRYSON   Director /Partner TRAIL
  SAMO Dunkerque   Pascal MAURICE   Manager/ Partner TRAIL
  SAMO Dunkerque   Isabelle FRANCOIS   Autism mission manager/Partner TRAIL
  SAMO Dunkerque   Pierre Ovaere


PDETh committee

 Name  Occupation  Address
 P.D.E.Th  Eleni Anastasopoulou  Regional Director  Larisa
 P.D.E.Th – Department of Scientific and Educational Support  of Primary Education  Paraskevi Agapitou  Professor, Psychobiology  in Human Development  Larisa
 P.D.E.Th – Department of Scientific and Educational Support  of Primary Education  Christos Dablias  Larisa
 UNIVERSITY OF THESSALY Department of Special  Education  Filippos Vlachos  Volos
 E.E.E.E.K  – Laboratory of Special VET  Foteini Grigoriou  Manager  Volos


InterMediaKT committee

 Name  Occupation  Address
 “Exelixis” – Special Education Center, Athens  Dimira Prappa  Special education teacher  Athens
 Educational Institute “Argyri-Laimou”, Athens  Fotini Paparrigopoulou  Special education teacher  Athens


TP-Teatern committee

 Name  Occupation  Address
 Project Lyra  Marve Diop  Manager  Stockholm
 Anette Sjöberg  Ips coach (individual placement and support) within  individuals with  mental illness/disabilities  Stockholm
 Ellinor Forslin  Social worker, social secretary, beneficiaries for a wide  target group  Stockholm